Sicilian Card Games: Full-colour gift edition

This large-format gift edition of the bestseller has full-colour photographic illustrations, and three bonus games giving a total of fifteen Sicilian card games.  This edition and its bestselling companion pocket edition are the only books of Sicilian card games in print worldwide.

Sicily has its own unique deck of playing cards, and lots of games exclusive to the island.  Card games are an indispensable part of the festivities at Christmas, Easter and other family gatherings.

Many games are simple enough to be enjoyed by young children as well as older players.  They are hilarious, but a great way to make children practise mental arithmetic without realising it.

Other games are more complex and quite challenging.  Most village squares have a full-time squadron of old men who play complex card games – often placing large bets – to pass the time.  They shout loud enough to startle the dead and smack their winning cards down like a butcher hacking through bones with a meat cleaver.

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