How to Protect Yourself against the Evil Eye


An explanation of what the evil eye is, and how people have fended it off, from ancient times to the present day



Since Neolithic times people have feared the evil eye – the potent stare of an envious person, believed to cause sickness, suffering or even death.

This is an intriguing and entertaining book which explains where the Bible, the Koran and most religions warn of its dangers and offer defences against it, as well as revealing the more ancient secrets of amulets, purifying rituals and protective gestures still used across the world to this day. After reading this book, you will never see the world in quite the same way again.

The author, who studied Classical History at Cambridge University, interviewed shamans and believers in the evil eye around the world to research this book, which has over 80 illustrations.

“If you’ve ever been curious about symbolism and ritual associated with the evil eye, or want to learn how to protect yourself from a malicious or jealous neighbor, this book is the answer. Veronica Di Grigoli has the depth of knowledge of a university professor and takes the reader on an adventure through symbolism and history that would rival any Dan Brown thriller. A fascinating and easy read that keeps readers turning pages.”



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