Veronica (right) with one of her oldest friends, just after finishing secondary school

Ann+Veronica 2 001

Veronica in front of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, in Istanbul, where she lived in 1992-93

fotover2 001

A view across the Bosphorus from Rumeli Hisari, Istanbul’s medieval fortress. “I loved the fresh air up there,” she says, “with never the slightest whiff of a kebab!”

fotover 001

In Istanbul she lived in one of these wooden houses overlooking the Bosphorus, as does the heroine of ‘Evil Eye’, Celeste

Ottoman Houses, Bebek

A shop selling “nazar boncugu” charms against the evil eye. “They were everywhere in Istanbul” says Veronica, “and led to my mini-obsession with the concept of the evil eye in all the cultures around the Mediterranean”


One of Veronica’s favourite views of Istanbul


The Georgian and Colombian students, whom Veronica befriended while working in London’s Docklands, inspired some of the characters in “Friends with Secrets”


Veronica and her husband at their wedding in Sicily, 2004


In Egypt on their honeymoon: “My Sicilian husband went brown on this trip,” says Veronica, “whilst I went very, very pink.”


The fishing village where they lived in Sicily


The novel “The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife” takes place in this village, and in the busy city of Palermo


Veronica stealing a tranquil moment in Palermo’s botanical gardens


A favourite place: the botanical gardens


Veronica guarding her bookcase at home. She gives books away but hates lending them. “I can’t bear worrying about whether I’ll get them back,” she says


It was at family Christmas gatherings like this one that Veronica first learned to play the hilarious card games unique to Sicily

Veronica and her son by the Christmas tree in Sciacca, southern Sicily

2014-12-25 11.12.22


8 Comments Add yours

  1. RoseMarie says:

    Veronica….I just love your blog…keep up the good work…God Bless!

    1. Kavita Bye says:

      I was led to your blog somehow by fate I guess! Love your write ups. I live in London with my husband by the river majestic river Thames. If you ever pass by this city, feel free to say hello to me! Visited Turkey recently and had a profound experience of visiting the holy shrine of Virgin Mary there. It was an unforgettable city. I love the enchanted charms of Italy too! Being of Indian origin, I preserve the mystical and colourful soul of my mother land but have some deep seated love for the Mediterranean culture. Thought of stopping by to say hello to you. God bless you.

      1. VH says:

        Thank you for your very nice comments! I am really glad you enjoy my blog 😀

        I have often thought that Indians and Italians have a lot in common, appreciaing the value and strength of big families, the passion for great cooking, the natural affinity for a bit of organised chaos!

  2. Dr. Ismail says:

    Hi Veronica
    Dr. Ismail (Lecturer in Malaysia)
    I just commented on the article you wrote on Jawhar and his attachment, the establishment of Cairo city and Al-Azhar. It was fantastic as i came across it when i was looking for great leaders for my leadership class.

    1. VH says:

      Thank you! I am very glad you liked the blog post 😀

  3. Linda Stalley says:

    Veronica, it’s nearing the end of 2020 and if ever we needed a new book from you it’s NOW! Any updates in your blog? Are you still in Shropshire? Did the new job turn out well? Is Valentino still house husbanding and is he happy and settled? Is your heart behaving itself? Feeling bereft without your life updates.

    1. VDG says:

      Oh you can’t imagine what a boost this has given me and how much I appreciate your lovely comments!
      All is going well thank you 😀
      I’m working really hard and having switched jobs, I love the place I work.
      Hubby got bored of house husbanding and he’s a cycling instructor now.
      I’ve been meaning to start a new UK blog and I think you have inspired me! ❤️❤️❤️

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