Fancy some nuts?

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

I photographed these traditional Sicilian market stalls during the village festival this summer. They sell all kinds of nuts, and a few typical sweets as well. The vendors travel around Sicily from village festival to village festival – there’s always one going on somewhere – livening the streets up and selling their healthy snacks.

nut stall 2

The paintings represent the stories of the wars of Charlemagne and depict some of his famous knights.

market nut stall

Those silver barrels to one side are three-tier fountains, which keep cold water running continuously over broad beans in one, and pieces of coconut in the other. Sicilians also eat dried, raw salted chick peas as snacks. Roasted pumpkin seeds are popular, too.

Roasted pistachios and cashew nuts are my favourites.

nut stall 3

These beautiful hand painted stalls are an indispensable feature in village festivals and, along with the Sicilian carriages or carretti Siciliani, they are a very important form…

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