Daily Life in a Sicilian Fishing Village

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

The fishermen in my village usually go out in these boats.


Each village along the coastline has its own particular colour scheme. Our village uses orange, white and blue, but there are some fishermen who originally came from another village along the coast where they use green instead of blue.


I always buy my fish from this man.

Fisherman Sicily - Sicilian Housewife

The boats are made of wood, and the fishermen either row them with wooden oars, or plonk outboard motors on the back, depending what fish they are trying to catch. They go out early in the morning, about 4a.m., so they don’t use their motors till they are away from the houses near the beach.


To catch octopus, they go out as early as midnight and shine lights into the water. This makes the octopi come up to the surface to see what is going on, so they are easier to catch. The…

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